Over the Edge


Over the Edge 2017 was a HUGE success!! We had 74 people rappel down the 40 Four Building and raised more than $100,000! We can’t wait for it to be bigger and better in 2018!

Over the Edge 2018

Date: Friday, April 6 & Saturday, April 7, 2018

Location: The 40 Four Building (44 Market Plaza, 36104)

Roof Photos | Ground Photos

A huge thank you to Lori Mercer Photography and Carter Photo & Design for taking these amazing photos!


What is Over the Edge?

Over the Edge is a special events company that provides signature events for non-profit organizations throughout the United States, Canada and other parts of the World. Participants raise donations for a non-profit in exchange for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rappel Over the Edge of a local high-rise building. For more information on Over the Edge, click here.

Is it Safe?
Yes! Every Over the Edge event is set up as an industrial worksite and as a result, is compliant with all federal and state OSHA Fall Protection Standards and OSHA Federal and State Laws. To get more information, click here.

What to Expect:
We are working with the City of Montgomery to make this an event that not only benefits HIM, but Montgomery as well! We will have a block party at the 40 Four Building as part of the rappelling event, which will include vendors, retailers, music and more while watching people rappel. This will be a free event for people to come and watch people take the plunge and go “over the edge”!

Can Teams Be Created to Fundraise?

Yes! Businesses or a group of individuals can come together to raise money to send one (or more) people “over the edge”! Teams must raise a minimum of $1,000 to send one person, $2,000 for two people, etc. The team will have it’s own page where the money will be aggregated. Individuals can also join a team, which allows them to create an individual fundraising page that will be linked to the team page. People on a team can compete to see who can raise the most money for each team, with all of the money from individuals being aggregated onto the team page.