Student Testimonials

Before coming to Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) I had been incarcerated for twenty-five years. Looking back, rebellion, bad choices, and a toxic relationship led me down that road. Two weeks upon my release, I contacted Hope Inspired Ministries and started the program.

Before enrolling at HIM, just the idea of seeking employment seemed foreign and overwhelming to me. I’d never held a job a day in my life, except in Tutwiler.  After completing this program, I had a new level of confidence…it was a wonderful and liberating feeling for me.

Upon completing my internship at HIM, I was hired full-time as a receptionist. I am training to be a case manager and an instructor in the classroom.  I thoroughly enjoy my job as it allows me to pay it forward and help others. Through Hope Inspired Ministries I found more than just a job, I found a career.  Angelicia Willis, 2017 HIM Graduate and Current HIM Staff Member


I lost my parents when I was 6 years old and was adopted from a Ukrainian orphanage when I was 17.  

I spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do with my life. I heard a lady talking about Hope Inspired Ministries.  I knew it was what I wanted to do.  

The eight weeks in school was very hard.  I would leave the house around 6:30 and ride my bike for 30 minutes to the closest bus stop, and then I would take a bus downtown to school.  Even though it was not easy, I was willing to do the hard work I needed to change my life.  Hope Inspired Ministries got me an internship at Stivers Ford, and I was hired full time. I love my new career.  Viktor Lawry, 2017 HIM Graduate

Coming to Hope Inspired Ministries changed me in so many ways.  It taught me excellent job training skills, how to deal with people, and what to do or not to do on a job interview. I took it very serious because I’d never held a job before and I had always looked for the easy way out. Each day I learned something new.

I completed the course in 2014 and through Hope Inspired Ministries was hired at Wishbone Cafe where I had performed my internship. I hope to one day be able to take college courses and open my own business.  Michael Long, 2014 HIM Graduate