How to Apply

If you are eligible for the Hope Inspired Ministries program, here are the next steps you need to take to apply:

1. Attend Orientation

Prior to each class, Hope Inspired Ministries will offer multiple one-hour orientations where a potential student–and any adult/guardian that is interested–can learn everything that Hope Inspired Ministries offers and answer any questions/concerns you might have. This includes rules, expectations, the curriculum and any additional information to give a greater understanding on the job-training program. You MUST attend an orientation before you can be scheduled for an interview.

2. Interview

Following orientation, each potential student should call the Hope Inspired Ministries office to schedule an interview. This interview will consist of several questions that focus on the potential students’ background, current family and living situation, and other general questions to help the staff get to know the student better and to ensure he or she would be a good fit for the program. We take people with all sorts of backgrounds–from past addictions, criminal history, etc. These things will not keep you from entering the program, however, we do expect you to be honest when answering our questions. Once the student has completed the interview, they will be scheduled to come back for a drug test.

3. Drug Testing

All potential students will be drug tested before entering the program. Once students pass the drug test, they will be enrolled for the upcoming class.