For Employers

We offer two opportunities for employers to open their business to our students. These include unpaid internships and/or hiring graduates. We welcome businesses who are interested in learning more about partnerships to reach out to our current partners or take a look at our partner stories.


The internships are NO cost and NO risk to the business, meaning the internships are unpaid and each student signs a liability waiver releasing the business owner from any liability while the student is on the job. There is no requirement for the business to hire him/her, but we ask that, if the student does a good job, that business owner will serve as a credible reference on the student’s resume.

For more information about our internship program, click here.

Hiring a Graduate:

When hiring for entry-level positions, why wouldn’t you hire a HIM graduate? Our graduates have over 400 hours of soft skills training in the classroom and hands-on work experience through internships. Our graduates have proven during our rigorous 11 week program that they are reliable, show up on time, have a teachable spirit and can work hard even when not getting paid.

To learn more about hiring a HIM graduate, click here.