Hope Inspired Ministries empowers and equips those who are chronically unemployed to go from poverty to the middle-class workforce in 13 weeks.

Hope Inspired Ministries seeks to serve those who are chronically unemployed by preparing and equipping them to obtain and maintain employment through a 13 week job training course. Our program is relational and transformative in nature, providing more than 400 hours of training, including life skills, employment skills, unpaid internships with local businesses and GED preparation.

What makes our program different is that we are relational in nature, meaning we are willing to invest time in peoples’ lives and walk out this process of transformation with our students. We are willing to walk hand-in-hand as they walk out this journey and hold them accountable to meet the high standards of our course. We not only want to instill education, soft skills and training into our students, but we also want to help them become the person God intended for them to be.