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Making Progress in our GED Program


As I have previously stated, there were major changes concerning the GED test beginning in 2014. The two most significant changes for our students is a) the GED transitioned completely to a computer-based testing system and b) the difficulty level was greatly increased. There were other changes, but these were the most significant.

As a result, we’ve had to become even more proactive in terms of our focus on their GED coursework and made the decision earlier in the year to purchase the GED Academy. The GED Academy is the top-of-the-line GED training program that is tailored specifically to train students to the 2014 GED Standards.

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Hope Inspired Ministries "Extra Mile" 10K & 5K

This year’s Extra Mile Run will now include a 5K + 1 mile AND a newly added 10K + 1 mile! We’ve coordinated for both runs to come together at the “extra mile” so that all runners can go the extra mile together. The Extra Mile 10K and 5K are R3 certified courses and considered challenging with various hills throughout the course. To learn more, check out our
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